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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  July 15, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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caylee's grandfather who said quote this is a great legacy for i granddaughter. other children need assistance. some say caylee's law is not necessary because child endangerment and child abuse laws are sufficient. that politicians are grandstanding. >> they take an ill conceived policy decision and try to rush through a law in order to capitalize on publicity behind a trial oo. critics wonder if the law may create criminals out of parents who are grief stricken. >> you just can't call out. there is a live of a child involved. >> experts say state laws need to be clearer on what is expected of parents. >> if we want to have the best opportunity to rescue a child, save a mild and make a difference to prevent that
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tragic outcome we need to know there has been a critical incident. >> california lawmakers will have to act fast, they're on summer break and will have a month to get caylee's law approved. casey anthony gets out of jail this weekend. she was acquitted last week, but convicted of lying to law enforcement about the disappearance of her little daughter. security experts believe she will likely be released at an odd hour, dmept a safe house for a few days. >> there is a disappointing search for missing nursing student michelle lee. failed to turn up anything new. family and friends spent through hours combing the remote section of the hills. members of the polly klaus foundation led the effort. police classified the case as a homicide. >> you won't want someone to
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just forget you, to assume there is no way. there is no way she can be out there. you don't know. >> and michelle was last seen going to her car may 27th. her locked car nound a neighborhood nearby. there is a $100,000 reward for information. >> a missing boy turned up safe in san jacquessy valley after being separated from a fwrup of students from india. advise writing -- los angeles police questioned his traveling companions june 29th. detective s do not suspect foul play in this case. the 15-year-old vanished while taking pictures outside of the group hotel june 23, he's now in custody of los angeles county child welfare officials and they're making arangements for him to go home to india. a new jersey man pled not guilty to charges of stealing a picasso from a san francisco
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art gallery. the judge allowed only still photographs of him. the judge denied his request for bail reduction from $5 million to $2 million. his attorney claims this case has been overhyped and bail shouldn't be so high for a nonviolent crime. authorities say a recent raid of the home in new jersey found other stolen art work, including another picasso piece stolen from a manhattan hotel. >> san jose's police chief trying to fix a public relations nightmare after bringing in two immigration agents to help the city fight gang violence. and now is asking ice agents to meet with groups opposed to this partnership. it generated a huge bash las lash -- backlash. >> they don't need ice officer that's goring to put more fear.
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is it's a public safety issue. >> chief moore promised ice agents will only go after gang member was violent criminal histories. ice says the agency hasn't talked about plans yet. >> and the first high definition security camera to be installed in the fruit veil business district was put into operation today. the city chipping in for cameras meant to help deter crime by videotaping streets outside of the wiss in a community partnership. this is after a popular restaurant owner was killed in april in a botched robbery at his business. >> a continuation of his work and of making this a strong special district. we've been working with merchants using our funding and some of their funding z we're going to be putting up 30 more cameras.
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>> the reward for information leading to arrest is now at $30,000. and authorities continuing an investigation into the death of a 21-year-old woman whose body was left burning in the street, identified as a 21-year-old from union city. her body found yesterday on ivanhoe road. crime stoppers offering a reward of up $10,000 for information leading to an arrest in this case. >> marin county sheriffs deputies are hoping tips will help them stop a series of robberies. the latest took place tuesday. two young men robbed an ice cream truck driver, running into a public hougsing complex after taking $160. and also targeted commuters during the last month. >> i think the idea of lighting the place up, making it more visible here, then sheriffs have to drive by more
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often. and you can plant someone here, it's kids. they described the last ones, 15-20 years old. >> deputies point out it's hard to identify robbers because they wore dark hooded swert shirts and dark jean autos new details involving a shuffle bus and a big rig. witnesses tell mees the driver may have run a red light. it collided yesterday morning at spoke oek street. a 52-year-old psychiatrist was thrown from the bus and killed. three other passengers and a driver received minor injuries, serious injuries after a bicyclist hit a pedestrian at embarcadero and mission street today just after 8:00 this morning. authorities believe the woman was cross crossing the street legally with the light when hit. if it fault, the cyclist could
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face same legal repercussions. >> and one of the california freeways turning into a ghost road this weekend that. is going to mean a big mess for drivers in los angeles. a 10-mile stretch of the 405 is going to be closed for a major construction project. there is a look at how people are preparing for carmeggedon. >> with rap tour like like hype, the day has finally come. it's carmeggodon its funny. the term is so draumatic. >> every day is carmeggodon in l.a.. >> the freeway will be shut down in both directions for 53 hours, crews demolish the mulholland bridge. there will be panic on the streets of southern california. a traffic calamity in the canyons. or maybe not.
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this doctor said he made from his home to the valley in near record time today you took the punch out of it by warning people. the real disaster is if you cause when it's being closed and you're not aware, then, you'll never leave another day. >> i was surprised how easy waits to get down here coming from topanga canyon. >> do you think people skipped down? >> we ought to do this every week its only one weekend. many people are ready to make the most of the weekend. >> it's fun. i have friends making tee shirts and doing this whole thing, it's been fun to plan parties. >> you're having a carmeggodn party in santa monica i'm going to stay home or walk around westwood village. >> 500 adults asked if they changed weekend plans due to the freeway shut down. only 22% said yes.
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and 74% said knox some people have no choice. sinda is dreading her drive from the valley to hollywood. >> it's going to be mayhem. i hate my car anyway. so i would rather just sit here in a coffee shop five hours like i do on the day off. >> and i think a lot of people we talked to are just excited and-to-see how bad this turns out to be. a lot of them remember here in 1984 olympic games, there was preducks of wild snarls and nightmarish traffic it and turned out to be a nice couple weeks. >> we hope you get lucky again down there. >> 22 of the remaining temperatures were reinstated today. they were reinstated thanks to a $15 million grant from fema.
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49 firefighters were laid off last year. only 22 accepted the offer to return. 26 have found other jobs. san jose fire chief says the grant and additional staffing will improve service in the city. >> staffing here in san jose is bee will he what i believe it should be. if you look at community, popular and activity, demographics wex need meefr firefighters. >> the firefighters will go through an 8 week refresher course starting on monday. >> and there is still no agreement tonight on-to-raise the country's debt ceiling. the president held a news conference, challenging congress to do something fwoig reduce deficits. >> there is a unique opportunity to do something big wex have a chance to
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stabilize american finances for a decade. orp 15 years or 0 years. >> republicans will have offered serious proposals to cut spending. i think it's time for testimonies to get serious. >> and house republicans plan to vote on legislation tomorrow allow more boroughing if congress approves an amendment. some senate leaders are working on a plane to allow the president owe raise the debt limit on his ochblt coming up, what dooms day would look like pe. want to know what would happen if the deadline is missed. >> and coming up here, your chance for a investigate deal on a home. dozens of houses up for grabs. how to get into a bay area home in prices rarely seen here. >> and slightly warmer today. i'll let you know if uptick
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continues for the weekend. >> hello mr. president, you're talk together crew of the space shuttle atlantis. >> and the president shows off his funny side with hay space shuttle astronauts. the newsúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúdúúúú
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> it's a tough time to sell, but a great time to buy this, weekend there is a great opportunity to find a bargain. there is a special auction happening tomorrow for homes. >> that is right. the home behind me here is typical of those auctioned tomorrow. it did not sell through a regular lifting. nor at a prior auction. folks running this event say it's a great opportunity for the public to find good
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bargains. >> this three bedroom home was once valued at $70000,000. now, starting bid is 169,000seds just one example of the 150 properties to be sold on saturday. >> the proevrts here come with a title and everybody been through the foreclosure process. >> trent is with, claiming it's events are different from foreclosure auction that's occur on the court house steps. events often dom fate bid professional investor autos is this a regular person to buy a house? >> that is the wonderful thing. you can see everybody from investors to folks looking to move up or down. >> the process, is it a good place to go to get a
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house? >> is a wonderful opportunity for buyers for them to participate in the auction. and to get a wonderful home in a great value. >> there is an undisclosed amount 6 money the bank will accept. but this realtor warns buyers auctions aren't always as they appear. >> what people don't realize as they're bidding is that they have no idea what the bid number s if you win the bid, you win the auction doesn't mean you get the purchase. i believe it's disclosed that that is representing the bank trying to move the price up to what that minimum reserve. >> does the auctioneer bid been -- behalf of the seller. >> terms and conditions outline how that works. >> and again this, house is one of those that will be sold tomorrow this, house was once valued at $450,000.
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it's 2500 square feet. no one expects houses to sell at those prices. we have details, terms, and conditions and a chance to participate in a mock auction, those details are on our web site. refered to their web site abc 7 >> and looking for a good deal? thank you very much. >> and president ob calma has had fun with astronauts on board the space shuttem this morning. take a look. >> hello, mr. president you're talking to the crew of the space shuttle atlantic. >> that is funny because i was just dialing out for pizza. >> and we don't know if he got the petesy ya but know atlantis is scheduled to return next thursday. the final landing for the program z san carlos native is one astronaut on board. they had their share of problems and another computer failure sounding an alarm
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during the mid quell of the night. they're able to switch to a back up computer. >> and well, if you have caught womens' world cup fear fever there is a chance to watch with other fans. san francisco rec and park is hosting a free viewing. and a giant screen will be set up at civic center plaza. there will be soccer games for kids and soccer skills activities. all the world cup festivities begin at 11:45. if you can't make it down, you can watch the finals on espn starting at 11:45 a.m. it's going to be a great game. >> and it was cold and foggy for folks on big screen. >> and we're going to see clouds in the morning when the game gets underway. then partial sunshine. there is a lot going on this
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weekend. aids walk san francisco on sunday. and marketplace, menlo park, if you're going to these events this, is what you'll see in the morning. high definition camera, cloudy skies looking over san francisco. there is another view now. there is a deep marine layer there. it's about 2000 feet deep. wind is blowing and gusting 20-30 miles per hour. it's an onshore flow. same flow we have had for days coming off the cool ocean water just blowing towards the land. here is what temperatures look like. 50s and 60s most of the bay area. we have 70s into our far inland communities. highlights turning cloudy again, tonight. cool to mild this weechblgd warmer days, noticeably warmer days coming up next week. so here is a look at the satellite picture. and there is clouds cleared away, enjoying a nice, sunny day.
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temperatures came up a few degrees, most area was cloud cover were held down. and it's qog to be the case again, tomorrow, we're not expecting a lot of chaempk but a little bit warmer inland for weekend. clouds along the coast spilling into valleys by morning. temperatures into 50s for the most part except jant rosa. 49 degrees, here is what i want to talk b one area of low pressure parked here for days is moving out. another area of low pressure is settling nchl we talked about this last night. this is going to prevent us from warming up over the weekend. and we need to get these out of the picture before a ridge can build in. and that ridge will build in from the east and coming back out towards western u.s.. it's going to take several days to happen. we'll go with slight bump up in temperatures. and into early next week. highs for saturday into south way, 75 for los gatos.
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san jose, 73 degrees and sunny by afternoon. low 70s for redwood city, mountain view, 74 degrees in los altos. upper 50s to low 60s near the coast. clouds goring to hang on foremost of the day. daily city, 58 degrees and breezy. 62 in downtown. and upper 50s along the coast. low 80s around places like cloverdale. 76 in santa rosa. temperatures running cooler than where they should be. east bay, 65 in oakland. and there is low 80s around antioch. so there is a mild, sunny afternoon. and and around the bay 70 in here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. upper 50s to low 80s tomorrow, inland highs continuing to come up sunday, monday and tuesday.
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there is a gradual warming trend. temperatures don't get back up to normal until middle to latter part of the week. they'll creep up. it's going to take time. >> and still ahead, you can rent out stuff and make a bundle. >> and there is a free stuff deal to make more money. stay with us. xrxrxrxrxrxpxpxpxpp
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you pay. and they're going to give you 5% free. >> i hope they bring it back. >> and that is true. >> and cream cheese? >> no. and there is when you can call or you can go to abc 7 >> not ccn aus no. >>hank you ll b>> and wt ba.
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having a hard time relocating a 200 pound bear. and new after 6:30 a 16-year-old gits an id saying she's six feet five. but why did it take michael finney to cut her down to size? those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> and he helped her. >> and


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